Kids' Workshops at Fondazione Baruchello 3 of 3

Kids' Workshop

Last of three workshops taking place in April (7-21-28) at Fondazione Baruchello in Via del Vascello for children aged 5 to 10. The series aims to engage young audiences to discover and investigate contemporary culture and art. Focusing on creativity and imagination, these workshops bring children closer to contemporary art and allow them to begin exploring and learning about contemporary creative practices. The project is part of the exhibition Start Up Quattro Agenzie per la Produzione del Possibile, which investigates the promotion and dissemination of visionary proposals. Each meeting has the objective of deepening and reflection of several central themes of the Start Up project conceived by Gianfranco Baruchello and curated by Maria Carla and Alicata Subrizi. Themes such as the revaluation of sheep, the production of utopias and exchange of land, are some of the ideas that children will be asked to engage with, through storytelling. The young participants will be busy creating small objects in line with the themes explored by the exhibition.

To book email or call 065809482.

Reservations will be accepted subject to availability. The timetable for a total of four meetings in April, may be subject to changes.

04 May 2017
Thursday, 6:30pm
06 May 2017
Saturday, 12pm–5pm