Campo Grossi Maglioni


Via Flaminia 122, Roma

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17 February – 27 April 2017This exhibition is now closed
Tuesday to Saturday 3–7pm
Opening: 15 February, 6pm with a performance by Acchiappashpirt at 7:30pm
Free admission
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Francesca Grossi and Vera Maglioni, aka Grossi Maglioni, present an unconventional exhibition curated by Lýdia Pribišová and Gianluca Brogna, features installations and a series of performances and workshops.

The exhibition looks at three projects developed by the duo over the past decade and also defines the idea of work in progress that has always been part of the artists’ research.

Since their debut, Grossi Maglioni has dedicated a substantial part of their research to performative practices, through which they investigated different themes related to society and politics, combining artistic research methods with those of anthropology and science, with several incursions into the realm of magic and parascience, always maintaining a feminine and feminist approach in the production of their work. In fact, the two artists often focus on politically controversial issues: the gaze that offends, occupations, séances that use female body as the object of operation.

All three projects revolve around the idea of the artwork as a device, its utility and interaction, the collaboration between the artists and the public as well.

The show must be understood as a village, a camp, an agorà, originating from the central installation dedicated to Occupazioni (Occupations, 2014), located in the main room of AlbumArte’s exhibition space. This project, composed of drapes and painted curtains secured with ropes, proposes a model of a nomad camp – specifically a tent for child care – and investigates the relationship between basic necessities of life and the act of occupying a space by man.

The second project on show is Lo Sguardo che offende (The Gaze that offends, 2011-2017), consisting of a series of devices that resemble optic weapons, and part of the documentation of the performances carried out through the staging of these devices. The project starts from a reflection on visual devices and on gaze’s ability to ‘hurt’ the observed landscape. A brand new artist book will complete the project, featuring reproductions of drawings, watercolours and thirty original face mask.

The third series of works featured in the exhibition focuses on the relationship between magic and illusionism, it belongs to the 2006–2011 years of activity when the artists went by the pseudonym ‘The Grossi Maglioni Magic Duo’. It explores the relationship between reality and fiction, and the elusive edge standing inbetween the two realms, namely the unseen. Employing the operative methods of the magician or illusionist, the artists reflect over their artistic work, always based on dialogue and complicity, trying to compare the mystery that lies behind art and that of magic. The meaning of this work is in the process, based on communicative, performing and illusionist actions, using devices such as the spirit cabinet, the dematerializing machine, the ouija board, but also the book Conversations by Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet, staging a situation at the same time meditative, ironic and erotic.

Further to these installations, the duo will be engaging in a series of performances and workshops that will make the exhibition a live and dynamic environment.

The space will change several times during the workshops: on March 4 and April 8 2017, there will be public workshops; on March 16 there will be a performance which will involve the students of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome. The aim is to turn the visitor into the participant, into the active occupant.

On April 27 2017, the exhibition will be closed by a performance of the artist Per Hűttner, founder of Vision Forum, an international research platform for performing arts, science and technology based in Sweden, of which Grossi Maglioni is part since 2008.

Image Credits 1–Grossi Maglioni, Amicizia, 2016.; 2–Grossi Maglioni, Cinque Dispositivi in Uno, Catafalco Spiritico, 2011.; 3–Grossi Maglioni, Lo sguardo che offende, Il Coltello, Arma Ottica, 2013.; 4–Grossi Maglioni, GrossiMaglioni_03 Lo sguardo che offende, Target kit, 2013.; 5–Grossi Maglioni, Lo sguardo che offende, Training dimostrativo, 2013.