Ed Fornieles: Truth Table

Basement Roma

Via Nicola Ricciotti 4, Roma

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26 October – 30 December 2016This exhibition is now closed
Monday to Friday 1–7pm
Free admission
1 / 11

Ed Fornieles’ work operates within the logic of immersive simulations, enacting change through constructed environments and events. His ambitious, large-scale projects often involve cultural, social, and infrastructural production, making interventions that reconfigure the viewer’s position and sense of self.

“In ‘Truth Table’ the gallery is converted into the provider of an experience: a new VR product that allows the viewer to occupy a changing host of bodies as they engage in a chain of sexual interactions. Within the cycle, the congregation of bodies constantly shifts, as does the viewer’s perspective. Variables are randomised, moving from familiar to unfamiliar, possibly aligning with a viewer’s own tastes and preferences, until inevitably drifting into the unknown and alien. In this experience, the user’s default assumptions of sexual taste are obfuscated and abstracted, resulting in a levelling out, in which each type and form is given equal emphasis.

[…] Undergirding all of Ed Fornieles’ work is an uncanny ability to tap into the deep structure of the human unconscious. The simulation on offer in ‘Truth Table’ advances Fornieles’ trajectory, negotiating the psychosomatic forms of relationality, implied by algorithmic content models, immersive virtual realities, and technologies of sexuality.”

Dorothy Howard

Image Credits 1––11 Courtesy The artist and Basement Roma. Photography by Roberto Apa