Granpalazzo 2017


Palazzo Chigi, Piazza di Corte, Ariccia

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27 May – 28 May 2017This exhibition is now closed
Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28 2017
from 10 am to 7 pm
Free admission
1 / 8

Granpalazzo 2017 conceived by Paola Capata, Delfo Durante, Ilaria Gianni and Federica Schiavo returns for its third edition. This year’s exhibitions will take place at Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia, another one of Lazio’s hidden treasures. As charming as Zagarolo, the gracious small town that hosted the previous editions, Ariccia offers a more ambitious setting just 18 km from Rome, and was selected with the precise intent of bringing art-world professionals and artists together in original, exclusive surroundings.

This year’s event gives an encore of the abundant and dynamic participation of the 2016 event with 27 galleries from all over Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Gran Bretagna, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and naturally, Italy) and an equal number of artists from other parts of the world. Most were born in the 70s and 80s in Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States, Sweden, not to mention masters like Tomaso Binga, the stage name adopted by Bianca Pucciarelli Menna, born in Salerno in 1931.

Key players at GRANPALAZZO 2017 will include: Alessandro Agudio (Ermes-Ermes Gallery, Vienna), Alis/Filliol (Pinksummer, Genova), Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam), B. Wurtz (Maisterravalbuena, Madrid), Tomaso Binga (Tiziana Di Caro, Napoli), Ann Iren Buan (Apalazzogallery, Brescia), Luke Burton (Bosse & Baum, London), Ana Cardoso (Collicaligreggi, Catania), Sara Chang Yan (Madragoa, Lisbon), Giulia Cenci (SpazioA, Pistoia), Pierre Descamps (The Goma, Madrid), Francesco Gennari (Zero.., Milano), Clive Hodgson (Arcade, London), Marine Hugonnier (Noguerasblanchard, Madrid), Sofia Hultén (Daniel Marzona, Berlin), Laura Lancaster (Workplace, London), Camila Oliveira Fairclough (Galerie Emmanuel Hervé, Parisi), Adam Pendleton (Pedro Cera, Lisbon), Jean-Marie Perdrix (Galerie Samy Abraham, Paris), Alice Ronchi (Francesca Minini, Milano), Gino Saccone (Mieke Van Schaijk, Hertogenbosch), Albert Samson (Massimo Minini, Brescia), Arcangelo Sassolino (Rolando Anselmi, Berlin), Alessandra Spranzi (P420, Bologna), Mircea Stănescu (Eastwards Prospectus, Bucharest), and Ulrich Wulff (Brand New Gallery, Milano).

Image Credits 1–Alessandro Agudio, One Of The Most Famous Wooden Spaceships On A Brazilian Beach, 2015 steel, sand, rosé wine, plexiglas, 127 x 132 x 21 cm; 2–Alice Ronchi, Indoor Flora, 2016. pvc hydraulic pipes, varnish, dimensions variable; 3–Marine Hugonnier, Desire is not much but nonetheless, 2015. 16mm Film, 5 min. courtesy NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona/Madrid and Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris; 4–Alessandra Spranzi, Tornando a casa #4, 1997. Stampa a colori su alluminio (c-print on aluminum), 24 x 36,5 cm (framed 50 x 60 cm) photo credit C. Favero, courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna; 5–Arcangelo Sassolino, Boris, 2017. Acciaio, aira, gomma 82 x 78 x 60 cm. courtesy Rolando Anselmi, Berlin, Roma; 6–Alis/Filliol, Fratelli, 2014. Grasso industriale, cera, ferro 40 x 40 x 200 cm; 7–Pierre Descamps; 8–Luke Burton, Ambivalent Man with Screen, 2015. Ink, emulsion, acrylic, on plywood, walnut. Courtesy of artist and Bosse & Baum