Joan Jonas: Minds of Their Own

Alessandra Bonomo

Via del Gesù 62, Rome

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30 November – 31 March 2017This exhibition is now closed
Monday 2pm–7pm
Tuesday to Friday 12pm–7pm
Saturday 2pm–7pm
Free admission
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Joan Jonas is an emblematic figure of the post-war American contemporary art scene. Since her first performance in New York in the ’70s, when the city was a place of exchange for the most innovative artists, she stood out as an outsider.

Starting from dance and black and white video, in which she uses the body and movement as the only means of expression, the artist has been progressively evolving her own language and expanding her research with new expressive codes, influenced by her travels in Iceland and Japan.

The videos of her performances interact with both old and new elements of her work: found objects and hand-made ones, her own voice and the music she chose (Jason Moran) to accompany it give way to an overarching narrative.

Joan Jonas’ most recent work, including her performance at the Venice Biennale 2015, focuses on the fragility of nature and its connection with the human condition. The main elements of the exhibition are a large screen, various mirrors that reflect the projections, found objects and objects constructed for the performances, videos and drawings.