Malerbe: Tina Ribarits, Simon Iurino, Sabrina Casadei, Michele Tiberio

25 March – 27 March 2017This exhibition is now closed
Monday to Friday, 9am–6pm
By appointment only
Opening: Friday 24 March, 7 PM
Free admission

Malerbe is a group show with works by Tina Ribarits (AU), Simon Iurino (AU), Sabrina Casadei (IT), Michele Tiberio (IT) and curated by Alessandra Arancio.

Weeds are plants that sprout where they desire, where circumstances permit, where the necessary conditions arise and grow in their best possible way as their surroundings allows. Their appeal lies in their variety and spontaneity.

During their stay in the capital, Autstrian resident artists Tina Ribarits and Simon Iurino opened their door and practice to alternative forms of immediacy in an artistic encounter with Rome based artists Sabrina Casadei and Michele Tiberio, who’s approach is firm in character, yet ready to adapt to a favorable context.

The available space has enabled these new works to flourish and eventually repurpose an environment normally not used as an exhibition space. Although their approach differs, each work relies on the material that constitutes it, making it organically functioning in itself with a supporting structure allowing for expansion. Moreover, each one is tight-knit to the daily conduct of life — collecting the nuances, the details, the side elements — which support growth.

Image Credits 1–Tina Ribarits, Untitled, 2016