Mark Handforth: Analog Spring

Sant’Andrea de Scaphis

Via dei Vascellari 69, Roma

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14 April – 17 June 2017This exhibition is now closed
Thursday to Saturday 11am–6pm
and by appointment
Opening: 13 April 6–9pm
Free admission

Mark Handforth’s exhibition at Sant’Andrea de Scaphis centres around a new work, Panda Disponibile, the carcass of a FIAT Panda, covered with lighted candles, dripping wax. Set in the context of the deconsecrated 8th century church, the work evokes an altarpiece to discarded industry. The Panda’s headlamps illuminate the church along with the flickering glow of the candles, suggesting a symbiosis between the romantic and the mechanical while presenting a gentle threat, a ghost of the vehicle’s original life as a gasoline-powered machine now covered in tiny flames. These melting candles become prayers to the angels of history, as we peer into a dark and uncertain future.