“. . . meet the Tetracono.”* Dexter Sinister

15 June – 30 July 2017This exhibition is now closed
Tuesday to Saturday 11am–7pm
Opening: Wednesday 14 June, 6:30pm
Free admission

“…meet the Tetracono.”*, is a project by the American duo Dexter Sinister.

In 1965, Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari released the Tetracono with an event and exhibition at the Danese Milano showroom, inviting spectators to “. . . meet the Tetracono” as if it was a person. Instead Tetracono is a multiple product, an austere 15cm black steel cube housing four aluminum cones, each painted half-red and half-green, designed to spin at four distinct speeds on an 18 minute cycle. Its function is to “show forms while they are in the process of becoming.”

Developed from a 6 month fellowship at the American Academy in Rome, this setup features a rotating installation of 4 posters upstairs and a refreshed inventory of specific design titles in the bookshop downstairs, together with a short background video. Limited edition silkscreen posters announce the future exhibition project by Dexter Sinister at the beginning of 2018 in the Colli independent space.