Mundus Muliebris: Than Hussein Clark, Patrizio Di Massimo, George Henry Longly

Basement Roma

Via Nicola Ricciotti 4, Roma

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27 April – 17 June 2016This exhibition is now closed
Opening times
Monday to Friday 1pm–7pm
Free admission
1 / 9

Artists Than Hussein Clark, Patrizio Di Massimo and George Henry Longly have teamed up with a number of fashion designers to create MM, aka Mundus Muliebris (latin for ‘ornament’), an experimental fashion brand that flirts with the boundaries between art and fashion, function and ornament, meaningful and meaningless.

Image Credits 1–2: Mundus Muliebris, Than Hussein Clark, 2016. Photography by Robert Apa; 3–8: Mundus Muliebris, 2016, Installation view, Basement Roma, Photography Robert Apa 9–Mundus Muliebris, Patrizio Di Massimo, The Turquoise Candles ( Mundus Muliebris), 2016. All images Courtesy Cura.Basement and the artists.;