Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani: Dynamis

Marie-Laure Fleisch

Via di Pallacorda 15, Roma

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13 March – 6 May 2017This exhibition is now closed
Monday to Friday 2pm–8pm
Saturday 4pm–8pm
Opening: 11 March, 6:30pm
Free admission
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In conjunction with the opening of their exhibition at the MAXXI titled Freedom of Movement, Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani exhibit their 2014 video Dynamis at Marie-Laure Fleisch. The two artists have collaborates since 1995, working in different mediums such as photography, film and video installation. Their research focuses on the relationship between contemporary society and places that were once landmarks, such as political culture centers, art and social development, and that today have lost their original function, becoming utopian spaces, that blend lived and imagined, a symbol of an almost mythological past. In the video we see the narration of stories that investigate this change of perception and the concept of transition and transformation, which took place not only in the physical structure of architecture, as a place of shared human experiences, but also an intangible and immaterial level, where it has settled the collective memory.

Image Credits 1–2: Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani,Dynamis, 2014. HD, colour, stereo, 22 min. [video stills] Courtesy MLF | MARIE-LAURE FLEISCH (Roma – Bruxelles) e gli artisti; 3–4: Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Balancing out the temple of Orthogonality, 2014. performance at Neue Nationalgalerie, Festival of Future Nows. Courtesy MLF | MARIE-LAURE FLEISCH (Rome – Brussels) and the artists;