Selected Works

The Gallery Apart

Via Francesco Negri 43, Roma

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14 June – 22 September 2017This exhibition is now closed
Tuesday to Saturday 3pm–7pm
Opening: Tuesday 13 June 2017, 6.30pm
Free admission
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Gea Casolaro, Mariana Ferratto, Dominik Lang, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello, Marco Strappato

Gallery exhibitions, art fairs, active participations in solo shows and collective exhibitions in public and private institutions, always chasing the myth of the new, of the original, of the research. This is the pace required of artists and galleries in an epoch characterized by a massive and rapid consumption of images. Indeed, because artworks too, whether they are videos, bidimensional or tridimensional, end up being enjoyed more often in the form of images on the social media or in the magazines than through the direct contact, either visual or tactile.

A constant encouragement to research and to commit themselves in the pursuit of conceptual or expressive innovation, or in the materials used, is a necessary and healthy ingredient in the evolution in the work of an artist or in the activity of a gallery, thus supporting the tribute to contemporaneity without which progress would not be possible. Nonetheless, such fast pace, though fulfilling the social function of the contemporary artists and galleries, risks having a highly negative side effect, such as the sinking into oblivion of the works without reaching an audience appropriate to their value. At times, real masterpieces or strongly significant works of an artist’s path end up being viewed by a limited number of people, maybe because they are exposed only once, or by a not very captive or focused audience, as is the case of works realized for art fairs.

The Gallery Apart, which have always attached very great importance to the exhibitions hosted in their spaces and to the stand fittings during the fairs, have therefore had the privilege to support their artists in their art-making process, always embracing their wish to create relevant and meaningful works. A complete corpus of works which was easy and spontaneous to approach in terms of selection, imagining an exhibit that, beyond the assonance and the tangencies detectable in the poetics and in the intentions of the involved artists, it was most of all an occasion to enjoy once again (and often for the first time for the Roman audience) works of an extremely high qualitative value.

Selected works, therefore, offers the occasion to admire some new photographic works by Gea Casolaro that are part of the Forever Montecarlo series, commissioned to the artist by the Société des Bains de Mer in Montecarlo to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its foundation, as yet exhibited only in Monte Carlo and New York but never in Italy. Likewise, some sculptures created by Luana Perilli for the Miart 2015 fair, will be on view for the first time in Rome, together with a group of striking collages created by the artist in 2006 on occasion of a collective exhibition. Moreover, the magnificent work Basement/Sous sol, realized by Dominik Lang for the “Ce que raconte la solitude” exhibit held in Marsille in 2014, will be on display for the first time in Rome. Moreover, there will be a great painting by Alessandro Scarabello from the Uppercrust series along with some of his well-known Heads, a selection of works from the series Tue d io and Ciao by Mariana Ferratto and two sculptural works by Marco Strappato.

With Selected works, The Gallery Apart wish to underline how a city like Rome, which during the Summer attracts large masses of visitors hailing from all over the world, including several contemporary art lovers, deserves the commitment of the people working in the field of culture even in a period of the year somewhat considered of lethargy. In line with the tradition of the greatest capitals of culture worldwide, where the ‘summer show’ format is interpreted by the major art galleries in the name of quality, Selected works aims to offer a moment of reflection focused on a highly significant collection of works realized by these artists.


Gea Casolaro: 1965, she lives in Rome and Paris.
Her work is currently on view at MAXXI Rome where she is taking part in Re-evolution, the new set-up of the museum’s permanent collection, and at Macro Rome that tributed her a wide retrospective. She exhibited in many museums and institutional spaces, both private and public, as CNA-Centre nationale de l’audiovisuel du Luxembourg, The Forbes Galleries New York, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Torino, Mart Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, AR/GE Kunst Galerie Museum Bolzano, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Strasburgo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Addis Abeba, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Lima. In 2016 she was awarded by the Comune di Casale Monferrato of the realization of a public art monument inside the “Parco Eternot” born on the site on which standed the infamous Eternit factory.

Mariana Ferratto: 1979, she lives in Florence.
Fresh from her participation to the Media Art Festival recently ended at MAXXI Roma, she exhibited in many museums and International public and private spaces, as Macro Roma, IILA Istituto Italo-Latino Americano Roma, Museo de las migraciones Montevideo (U), Stadtgalerie Kiel (D), MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea Università La Sapienza Roma, Museo Pietro Canonica Roma, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti Roma.

Dominik Lang: 1980, he lives in Prague.
Unforgettable his Czech and Slovak Pavillion at 2011 Biennale di Venezia. He exhibited in numerous museums and public and private spaces all over the world, as Secession Vienna (A), Palais de Tokyo Parigi (F), National Gallery Praga (CZ), Inhotim Belo Horizonte (BRA), Wrocław Contemporary Museum (PL), MUMA Monash University Museum of Art Melbourne (AUS), Frac des Pays de la Loire Carquefou (F).

Luana Perilli: 1981, she lives in Rome.
During the last two years she mostly lived in Berlin, as artist in residence in two consecutive venues, at Momentum (following the Terna Prize 2014) and at ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistick. She worked specifically on the project Leopold-o, currently in progress. She exhibited in many museums and institutions, as MAXXI Roma, Macro Roma, MSU Museum of Conteporary Art – Zagabria, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Stadtgalerie Kiel (D), Olive Tjaden Gallery Cornell University Ithaca, NY, PAV – Parco Arte Vivente Torino, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce Genova.

Alessandro Scarabello: 1979, he lives in Brussels.
He moved to Belgium after his MFA at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Kask in Ghent. He exhibited in numerous venues in Italy and abroad, as PAC Milano, Palazzo Collicola Spoleto, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Roma. He has been invited in many biennals, as the 4th Bienal del fin del mundo, the 25th Biennial for Mediterranean Countries Alexandria Art Museum Egypt, the 6th Bienniale Tunis, the Biennale for young artists Monza.

Marco Strappato: 1982, he lives in London.
In the British capital he earned a MA in sculpture at Royal College of Art. He frequently partecipate to artist’s residency programs, the last one at Vilnius (LT). He exhibited in many private and public International institutions, as Macro Roma, American Academy Rome, Museo Pietro Canonica Roma, Palazzo della Permanente Milano, WRO Art Center Wrocław (PL), Victoria Art Center for Contemporary Cultural Production Bucarest (RO). He took part in the 5th Prague Biennale.