Since opening in 2012, Frutta has gained increasing popularity within the contemporary art community by showcasing playful and thought-provoking work by young emerging artists. The success of its irreverent exhibitions has been met with both awe and criticism but, most importantly, it has won the whole independent roman scene a spot on the international art radar.


Via dei Salumi 53, Roma

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday 1–7pm
and by appointment

Current Exhibitions

Ho Ho Ho25 November – 13 January 2018


Bedwyr Williams: Huuuuuuge Thanks!16 September–11 November 2017
Alek O.—The Empire Of Light17 March–13 May 2017
Gabriele De Santis: Truth be Told20 January–4 March 2017
Ditte Gantriis: Sexual Feeling17 November–23 December 2016
Marco Giordano: Asnatureintended (Q16)30 September–5 November 2016