MACRO Via Nizza

Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art, MACRO, is held in two different sites: its headquarters and main collection are housed in Via Nizza, while a secondary venue in the Testaccio area hosts temporary exhibitions. The site in Via Nizza occupies a former brewery and houses the museum’s permanent collection of over 1,200 works dating from the ‘60s to today. In 2000, the French architect Odile Decq was appointed to design the museum’s extensive revamp. Her project introduced the iconic red structures we see today and reconfigured the museum’s surface by adding a terrace, foyer and the various open passageways that have come to define the new space.


Via Nizza 138, 00198 Roma

Opening times

Tuesday to Sunday 10:30am–7:30pm


Cross the Streets7 May–1 October 2017
Otros Sonidos, Otros Paisajes5 May–11 June 2017
Nanni Balestrini: La Tempesta Perfetta3 February–17 April 2017
Anish Kapoor17 December–17 April 2017
Roma Pop City 60–6713 July–27 November 2016
Segni, Alfabeti, Scritture26 May–2 November 2016
Dall’Oggi al Domani30 April–2 October 2016