The National Museum of 21st Century Arts was inaugurated in 2010, following a ten year gestation period during which Italy ping-ponged its way through six different national governments. Surviving these initial tribulations, the dinosauresque network of interweaving cement protrusions courtesy of Zaha Hadid studio emerged as a refreshing addition to Rome’s architectural and artistic landscape. Since then, the appointment of Hou Hanru as Artistic Director in 2013 marked a new, decidedly more international, bent in the museum’s output.


Via Guido Reni 4/A, Roma

Opening times

Tuesday to Friday 11am–7pm
Saturday 11am–10pm
Sunday 11am–7pm


Home Beirut, Sounding the Neighbours15 November–20 May 2018
Michel Comte, Light14 November–10 December 2017
Kemang Wa Lehulere: Bird Song27 September–26 November 2017
Doppio Schermo19 September–9 November 2017
L’Italia di Zaha Hadid23 June–14 January 2018
Nature Forever: Piero Gilardi13 April–15 October 2017
L'Arte Differente, MOCAK al MAXXI7 December–22 January 2017
Letizia Battaglia: Per Pura Passione24 November–17 April 2017
Alvaro Siza: Sacro9 November–26 March 2017
Carlo Scarpa e il Giappone9 November–26 February 2017
Premio MAXXI: 15th edition30 September–29 January 2017
Sislej Xhafa: Benvenuto!2 June–2 October 2016
Superstudio 5021 April–4 September 2016
Pier Luigi Nervi: Architecture for Sport5 February–2 October 2016