Museo Pietro Canonica

The Museo Pietro Canonica, hidden in the greenery of the Villa Borghese, is an important example of the museological model of museums based on artist’s houses, and in its integrity is one of very few examples in Italy. The museum collection consists primarily of works by Pietro Canonica: marbles, bronzes and original models, as well as a large number of sketches, studies and replicas which provide a complete journey through the evolution of this artist’s works and is therefore an extremely interesting resource for learning about the creative and practical processes involved in creating sculpture. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.


Viale Pietro Canonica (Piazza di Siena) 2, Roma

Opening hours

October to May
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am – 4pm

June to September
Tuesday to Sunday: 1pm – 7pm

December 24 and 31: 10am – 2pm

+39 06 0608 (daily 9am – 9pm)