Rolando Anselmi

This street-facing white cube in the Parioli neighbourhood is a recent addition to the Roman contemporary art scene. It is an off-shoot of Berlin-based Galerie Rolando Anselmi and acts as its nimble smaller brother, showcasing site-specific new work in a context that acts more like a project space than a full blown commercial gallery. Visitors that miss an exhibition opening can peer into the space through the front window or can contact the gallery directly to arrange a visit.


Via di Tor Fiorenza 18–20, Roma

Opening times

By appointment only

338 3673 451


Ewa Juszkiewicz: Pearl, Eye, Worm18 November–12 December 2017
Li Gang: Complexion26 June–30 September 2017
Asger Dybvad Larsen21 January–24 February 2017
Ignacio Uriarte: Disegni Scritti22 June–20 July 2016
A Kassen: Esposizione Personale27 February–17 May 2016