Founded in Naples in 2002, T293 takes its name from its first address Via dei Tribunali 293. In 2008 the gallery inaugurated the opening of a new branch in the Colle Oppio area of Rome, before settling in the current site in Trastevere at the beginning of 2016. Now into its 14th year of activity, T293 focuses on exhibiting new work by both up-and-coming and established artists whose practices are led by research and experimentation.


Via Ripense 6, Roma

Opening times

Tuesday to Friday 12pm–7pm
Saturday 3pm–7pm
and by appointment



Luisa Mè: Look at me!16 December–26 January 2018
Caroline Mesquita: Night Engines11 November–8 December 2017
James Beckett: The Guinness Curse22 March–21 April 2017
Homo Mundus Minor: Group Show8 February–11 March 2017
Fabian Herkenhoener: Heim Just15 December–27 January 2017
Tris Vonna-Michell: Register25 October–3 December 2016
Jana Schröder: Spontacts FX14 September–14 October 2016