Z2O – Sara Zanin Gallery

Z2O opened its doors in 2006 focusing on the promotion of young emerging artists working with an array of different media. The gallery's 140mq space acts as an ever-changing blank canvas against which installations, videos, performances, paintings and sculptures are regularly exhibited as part of solo or group shows. As such the exhibitions themselves often catalyse the production of new site-specific works.


Via della Vetrina 21, Roma

Opening times

Tuesday to Saturday 1pm–7pm
and by appointment


Moto Ondoso Stabile2 December–17 February 2018
Evgeny Antufiev: Eternal Garden11 April–10 June 2017
Walled Gardens in an Insane Eden10 February–25 March 2017
Beatrice Pediconi: Dimensioni Variabili21 November–28 January 2017
Giovanni Kronenberg15 September–8 November 2016